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Click for full site information ABT Agarose Bead Technologies, SpainManufacturerDistributor/VendorCommercial R&D  
  Agarose Bead Technologies is dedicated to research and development of biotechnology products derived from agarose. A wide range of activated agarose beads for affinity chromatography his-tag and antibody purification, immobilization and non activated plai
Click for full site information Abtec Inc, United States  
  cylinder storage lockers, propane tank storage, tank storage, tank storage cabinets, cylinder cages, tank cages
Click for full site information AbTech, FranceCommercial R&D  
  AbTECH was established in September 1997 as a biotechnology company to focus on the use of growth factors in cancer diagnostic and therapy.
Click for full site information Abtech Systems, United KingdomBusiness Service Company  
  Abtech Systems is an enterprise-wide solutions provider specializing in Unix hardware, storage, and professional services. For 15 years we've designed solid technical solutions for system upgrades, fibre-based storage, and backup strategies.
Click for full site information Abtek Biologicals, United KingdomDistributor/Vendor  
  Abtek Biologicals are a UK based company who focus on the manufacturing of products for antibiotic susceptibility testing and selective media supplements. As we are a relatively small company, we are able to tailor our products to the exact specifications
Click for full site information Abtswinder Naturheilmittel GmbH, Germany  
  Founded in 1982, today Abtswinder Naturheilmittel GmbH is an important company in the region of Lower Frankonia, Germany. Located in the heart of the Steigerwald, Abtswinder is one of the most sophisticated manufacturers of medicinal and food products, b
Click for full site information Abu Dhabi Medical Industries, United Arab EmiratesCommercial R&D  
  Abu Dhabi Medical Industries is one of the leading companies in the UAE specializing in manufacture of Medical and Laboratory furniture for Health, Educational, Industrial and General Laboratories, Hospitals, etc.
Click for full site information Aburaihan Pharma Co, Iran  
  Marvelon is a new contraceptive which is producing by Aburaihan pharmaceutical company under licence of Organon(Holand). Marvelon®, the first combined oral contraceptive ( COC ).
Click for full site information AbZ Pharma GmbH, Germany  
  Keine Zuzahlungen für Patienten bei AbZ-Pharma! Patienten sparen die Zuzahlung bei über 305 AbZ-Arzneimitteln. D.h. 57,12 % der AbZ Präparate sind zuzahlungsbefreit!
Click for full site information AC Analytical Controls Polska, Poland  
  AC Analytical Controls is the refining expert that can provide you with a comprehensive analytical solution, not just an instrument. We combine our experience, technology, and knowledge and transfer it into an operational solution designed to address your
Click for full site information AC Biotec GmbH, GermanyManufacturerBusiness Service CompanyCRO/CMO  
  AC Biotec GmbH, your competent partner for bioprocess development, fermentation, contract research and development, small scale cultivation, scale up, scale down and bioprocess technology
Click for full site information AC Grace Co, United States  
  UNIQUE E® Vitamin E has been recognized as the STANDARD IN THE VITAMIN E MARKET for over 46 years! Health care Professionals in all fields of practice, both human and animal, rely and depend on UNIQUE E® for their patients.
Click for full site information AC Immune SA, Switzerland  
  AC Immune SA is a product company with a focus on the area of CNS (conformational) diseases and cancer. The company was founded in 2003 and is located at the PSE on the site of the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Click for full site information Acacia Capital Partners, United KingdomVenture Capital/Finance  
  Acacia Capital Partners is an independent management company made up of experienced venture capitalists with in-depth operational and investment management experience.
Acacia Capital Partners
Click for full site information Acacia Pharma, United KingdomCommercial R&D  
  Acacia Pharma is a pharmaceutical company focused on cancer supportive care - the management of the symptoms cancer, or the management of the side-effects of the treatments of cancer.
Click for full site information Acacia Venture Partners, United States  
  Acacia Venture Partners is a San Fransisco based venture capital firm.We specialise solely in identifying and building leading service businesses in the healthcare industry.
Click for full site information Acad of Mngd Care Pharm, United StatesNot-For-Profit Org  
  The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy is a professional association of individual pharmacists who use the tools and techniques of managed care in the practice of pharmacy. At the heart of every member is commitment to a simple goal: Provision of the best a
Click for full site information Academic Orthopedic Society, United StatesAcademiaNot-For-Profit Org  
  An organization which deals with issues confronting academic departments or divisions of orthopaedic surgery.
Click for full site information Academic Press, United StatesTechnical Info/Web PortalJournal/Publisher  
  For nearly 60 years, AP has been serving the information needs of scientists, researchers, engineers, and other professionals in industry and academia
Click for full site information Academy Biomedical Company, United StatesAcademia  
  Specializing in Human Apolipoprotein Antigen and Polyclonal Antibodies Supplying high quality Antibodies at affordable Prices
Click for full site information Academy for Healthcare Education, United StatesAcademiaTechnical Info/Web PortalBusiness Service Company  
  The Academy for Healthercare Education, Inc, is a nationally accredited provider of continuing education for physicians, pharmacists, and nurses. This web site offeres information and services for CME/CE participants, faculty, hosts, and grantors.
Academy for Healthcare Education
Click for full site information Academy Funds, United StatesVenture Capital/Finance  
  Academy Funds (Academy Ventures)is a family of venture capital funds focused on achieving outstanding investment returns in seed and early-stage companies.
Academy Funds
Click for full site information Academy of Medical Sciences, United KingdomAcademia  
  The Academy of Medical Sciences promotes advances in medical science and campaigns to ensure these are translated as quickly as possible into healthcare benefits for society. The Academy’s eight hundred Fellows are the United Kingdom’s leading medical sci
Click for full site information Academy of Sciences of Cuba, CubaAcademia  
  The Academy of Sciences of Cuba is an official institution of the Cuban State independent and consultative in matters of science. The Academy, throughout its...
Click for full site information Academy Savant, United StatesTechnical Info/Web PortalDistributor/VendorBusiness Service Company  
  Academy Savant develops/distributes interactive e-Learning/audiovisual education programs on Lab Technques & Safety to corporations, universities, hospitals, govt depts, researchers around the world. Courses include HPLC, GC, MS, AA, ICP, Lab Skills.
Academy Savant
Click for full site information Acadia Pharmaceuticals, Inc., United States Stock Information
  ACADIA Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery and development company that efficiently identifies target-specific small molecule drug candidates using its proprietary chemical-genomics platform.
Acadia Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Click for full site information ACB Blocks Ltd, Russian FederationCommercial R&D  
  Welcome to ACB Blocks, your partner in combinatorial chemistry and reliable supplier of building blocks. Our dedicated team of research professionals provides the experience needed to produce, purify and deliver the most sophisticated organic structures..
Click for full site information Accel Partners, United KingdomVenture Capital/Finance  
  Accel and its entrepreneurs have shared a common vision: be first. First to see the opportunity, first to define a category, and first to transform the industry.
Click for full site information accelab GmbH, GermanyCommercial R&D  
  accelab is a systems provider for reliable high-throughput lab automation solutions. accelab´s experienced and creative automation teams of scientists, engineers, and technicians employ.
Click for full site information Accelerated Genetics, United States  
  Welcome to Accelerated Genetics where we believe Innovation Breeds Excellence.
Click for full site information Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc., United StatesManufacturerDatabaseBioinformatics  
  Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc. (ATL) has been a LEADER in the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) industry for over 15 years, pioneering Windows-based LIMS and automating laboratories. Microsoft GOLD Certified Partner and ISO Certif
Click for full site information Accelerated Weathering Laboratory (AWL) Ltd, United KingdomBusiness Service Company  
  Cyclic Corrosion Testing, Neutral Salt Spray, Prohesion, CASS and SWAAT Testing. Environmental Controlled Humidity, Xenon-Arc, QUV Weathering (Simulated Sunlight), Taber Abrasion, Colour matching and Light Reflectance Values, Biodegradable testing, Oxo bi
Click for full site information Acceleron Pharma Inc, United States  
  Acceleron Pharma - Founding Scientific Advisory Board - T. Maniatis, PhD; J. Massague, PhD; M. Ptashne, PhD; B. Spiegelman, PhD; Wylie Vale, PhD.
Click for full site information Accelr8 Technology Corporation, United StatesCommercial R&D  
  Accelr8 Technology Corporation is a public company (OTC-BB: ACLY) who entered the biosciences industry early in 2001 with the acquisition of advanced materials and instrumentation...
Accelr8 Technology Corporation
Click for full site information AccelRx Clinical Trials Marketing, United StatesADME/Tox/TrialsEmployment Related  
  AccelRx Clinical Trials Marketing delivers patient recruitment in its' simplest form by utilizing proven methods we have used for the past seven years. We call this approach our CARE package. This streamlined approach has four distinct advantages:
AccelRx Clinical Trials Marketing
Click for full site information AccelRx Research, United StatesADME/Tox/TrialsBusiness Service Company  
  AccelRx Research conducts clinical trials in Lincoln, Rhode Island and Fall River, Massachusetts. Our mission is to conduct quality research that advances modern and innovative treatment options. The health and safety of our patients is our primary focus
Click for full site information Accelrys, United StatesBusiness Service CompanyBioinformatics  
  Accelrys delivers software and services based on its industry-leading expertise in informatics and computation for the biological, chemical, and materials sciences.
Click for full site information Accent Media, United States  
  Accent Media is a multicultural television and radio production company located in the Washington D.C. area. We specialize in promotional, training and corporate video and radio programs, as well as documentaries, language adaptations and news packages.
Click for full site information AccentBio, United KingdomCommercial R&D  
  AccentBio is an independent technology company that specialises in development of 1) novel assays and 2) novel therapeutics, particularly where these are related to therapies in Oncology and Women’s Health.
Click for full site information Accentia Biopharmaceuticals, United States  
  Accentia BioPharmaceuticals is a vertically-integrated biopharmaceuticals company focused on the acquisition, development and commercialization of late stage specialty pharmaceuticals and biologics for targeted therapeutics.
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