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Click for full site information AccuTech, LLC, United StatesManufacturer  
  California Manufacturer Of Cholestrak Total Cholesterol Home Test, Hdl, Theophylline Point-of-care Diagnostics. Come and check out some new and easy ways to see how well your health is?
Click for full site information AccuTek Laboratories, United StatesManufacturerBusiness Service Company  
  AccuTek Laboratories offers the most comprehensive pipette calibration, verification, and repair services avaliable as well as best prices on Eppendorfs at 50% off regular prices and AccuPet pipettes, ePets and refurbished Pipetmans.
Click for full site information AccuTrace Testing (Drug - DNA - Paternity - Toxic), United StatesADME/Tox/Trials  
  Nationwide Drug - DNA - Paternity - Forensic - Toxic Metals - Breast Implant - Poison - Substance Testing.
AccuTrace Testing (Drug - DNA - Paternity - Toxic)
Click for full site information ACE BioSciences A/S, Denmark  
  ACE BioSciences is an emerging pharmaceutical company focused on developing novel, protein-based vaccines and antibodies to address infectious diseases caused by bacteria.
Click for full site information Ace Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, United States  
  Ace Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (ACP) Inc. is a producer of fine and custom chemicals for the pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical manufacturing industries. The company is currently located in New Brunswick, New Jersey where it carries out research
Click for full site information Ace Glass, Inc., United StatesManufacturer  
  Since 1936, Manufacturers of Specialty Scientific Glassware and Equipment for Industrial and University Research Laboratories.
Click for full site information ACE Pharmaceuticals BV, United StatesADME/Tox/TrialsBusiness Service Company  
  ACE Pharmaceuticals offers dedicated services for Clinical Trial Medication and Drug Development., palfium pijnbestrijding polypropyleen pijnstiller dextromoramide 5 mg
ACE Pharmaceuticals BV
Click for full site information ACEFE SA, Spain  
  Para los diferentes campos de aplicación hemos creado áreas específicas y enlaces rápidos para que encuentren enseguida lo que están buscando. En el apartado de novedades encontrará información puntual sobre nuestros productos nuevos.
Click for full site information Acenta Discovery Inc, United StatesDistributor/Vendor  
  Acenta is the premier provider of chemistry solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Our solutions include compound libraries to get clients started, synthetic research to expand clients' chemistry capacity, and licensing of composition of matter where
Click for full site information Acer Consulting Inc, United States  
  Acer Consulting is anchored by its clients, the people, not the numbers. As in humanity, organizations are diverse in their natures and traits. At Acer Consulting, we too are diverse. We serve the people in many ways to help their accounting requirements
Click for full site information AcerMed Inc, United States  
  AcerMed is a specialty specific electronic medical record (emr),Electronic Medical Document Management, medical transcription, prescription and scheduling solution.We are recognized as leaders in providing the most comprehensive and advanced software solu
Click for full site information Aceto Pharma Chem GmbH, Germany  
  Aceto Corporation, incorporated in 1947, is a global leader in the sourcing, regulatory support, marketing and distribution of chemically derived pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and crop protection products.
Click for full site information ACGT Progenomics AG, GermanyCommercial R&D  
  ACGT ProGenomics AG - a company with three parallel and supporting business sections. The company focuses in its core technology on the recombinant protein biotechnology which...
Click for full site information ACGT, Inc., United States  
  Sequencing Service
ACGT, Inc.
Click for full site information Ache Labs Farmaceuticos SA, Brazil  
  O Aché dispõe de um amplo e diversificado portfólio de medicamentos sob prescrição e isentos de prescrição (MIP), além do crescente mercado de genéricos fabricados sob a marca Biosintética.
Click for full site information Achenbaum Capital Partners LLC, United States  
  Venture capitalists that provide specialized capital raising and investment. Offers banking advisory services to mid-sized companies. Assists clients in developing strategies, marketing, identifying and negotiating with institutions in order to raise the
Click for full site information Achiever Software, United KingdomBusiness Service Company  
  For more than nineteen years Interactive Software Limited has been implementing business critical solutions across a broad, eclectic customer base (including Public Sector, Education, Healthcare, Teaching Hospitals, Manufacturing and Not for Profit).
Click for full site information Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., United StatesCommercial R&D Stock Information
  Achillion is a privately-held pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative small molecule drugs that combat drug resistance in infectious diseases...
Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Click for full site information ACI Europe, United KingdomAcademiaCommercial R&DBusiness Service Company  
  Active Communications International, Inc. (ACI) is a leader in conference planning and production. With offices in Chicago, London, Pune, Portland, Poznań and Milwaukee, we produce world-class events focusing on areas of most relevance to our served indus
Click for full site information ACI Capital Company LLC, United StatesVenture Capital/Finance  
  ACI Capital Co., LLC (“ACI Capital”) is a private investment firm that has generated superior risk-adjusted returns for nearly 50 years by partnering with management teams to build valuable companies.
ACI Capital Company LLC
Click for full site information ACI Medical Inc, United StatesDistributor/Vendor  
  ACI Medical, LLC solves a variety of challenging problems by combining solid engineering with current medical research.
Click for full site information ACIC Fine Chemicals, CanadaBusiness Service Company  
  ACIC is an integrated pharmaceutical manufacturing and services company providing active ingredients, technologies, regulatory, manufacturing, and outsourcing options to clients in the United States, Europe, Canada, and other markets.
ACIC Fine Chemicals
Click for full site information ACIES, France  
  ACIES, partenaire entreprise des 50 ans de l’INSA de Lyon... ACIES était partenaire officiel de l'INSA de Lyon aux côtés de BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION, COFRAMI, EIFFAGE TRAVAUX PUBLICS, ESKER, SAINT-GOBAIN et SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, à l'occasion du cinquantenaire
Click for full site information Acino Pharma AG, Switzerland  
  Acino stands for the supply of efficient, effective and safe drugs in the optimal pharmaceutical form and at a fair price. Innovative and creative solutions help us to develop pharmaceuticals with a genuine value added.
Click for full site information Aciont Inc, United States  
  Salt Lake City, UT – The National Eye Institute (NEI) awarded a $1.2 million research grant to the University of Cincinnati and the University of Utah to study ocular iontophoretic drug delivery and an innovative, noninvasive ocular pharmacokinetics resea
Click for full site information Acis Arzneimittelvertrieb GmbH, Germany  
  acis - ein modernes Arzneimittelunternehmen. Unsere Aufgabe ist Gesundheit, unsere Mittel sind Generika, unsere Leidenschaft ist Qualität.
Click for full site information Ackermann Public Relations & Marketing, United StatesBusiness Service Company  
  Ackermann PR is a full-service strategic communications firm serving clients primarily in North America with media relations and public relations services.
Click for full site information Ackley Machine Corporation, United States  
  Ackley Machine Corporation is the global leader in tablet, caplet, capsule (hard and soft), and candy printing technology. Our printing equipment will get your brand recognized in the pharmaceutical, confectionary, food, and food supplement markets.
Click for full site information ACLARA BioSciences Inc., United StatesCommercial R&D  
  ACLARA BioSciences, Inc. is a leading developer of assay technologies and lab-on-a-chip systems for life science research. The company is developing advanced tools for drug discovery, genomics and proteomics using its proprietary eTag™ assay chemistries a
Click for full site information ACLASS Accreditation Services, United StatesBusiness Service Company  
  ACLASS is an accreditation body dedicated to providing quality and reliable accreditation services. ACLASS brings customers affordable accreditation activities while treating our customer as a partner.
ACM Global Central Lab, United KingdomADME/Tox/Trials  
  ACM Global Central Lab is a global force in central laboratory testing for clinical trials.
Click for full site information ACM Medical Laboratory, United States  
  ACM Medical Laboratory is a full service clinical and pathology laboratory organized under the following departments of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology:
Click for full site information Acme Sujan Chemicals Pvt Ltd, IndiaBusiness Service Company  
  Acme Sujan is Speciality chemical company; incorporated in 1989 as small company; establish to provide custom manufacturing services for chemical companies in India. Our main objective was to carve a niche for us in Speciality chemicals, by providing very
Click for full site information ACME-Automation, United States  
  Your Biotechnology Solutions Provider. Various unique production and custom components for liquid handling.
Click for full site information Acme-Hardesty, United StatesDistributor/Vendor  
  Acme-Hardesty is a major marketer and distributor of a wide variety of vegetable oil- and animal fat-based oleochemicals, flavor and fragrance chemicals and other industrial chemical products.
Click for full site information ACM-Pivotal, United StatesBusiness Service Company  
  ACM-Pivotal is the global central laboratory with an inherently flexible approach and a focus on precision to keep clinical research studies on schedule. The organization sets itself apart by its single focus on global central lab services. ACM-Pivotal
Click for full site information ACNIS International, France  
  ACNIS International est un important stockiste et distributeur de demi-produits en Titane et alliages de Titane. Pour les industries les plus diverses, ACNIS International propose une large gamme de formes et nuances de ce métal.
Click for full site information Acologix Inc, United States  
  Acologix is a biology-based biopharmaceutical company focusing on the identification and development of novel therapeutics for major unmet medical needs.
Click for full site information ACON Laboratories, Inc., United StatesManufacturerDistributor/Vendor  
  ACON Laboratories leads the way in making point of care medical diagnostics more affordable to people all around the world. We provide rapid diagnostic healthcare products based on a philosophy of high quality, low price, and superior flexibility. We offe
Click for full site information A-Consult ApS, Denmark  
  Welcome to A-consult - the fast and secure way to register pharmaceuticals. When your business need employees who are highly qualified in the field of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, we can provide you with extra capacity and know-how.
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