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Click for full site information XanTec bioanalytics GmbH, GermanyManufacturerLaboratory EquipmentDistributor/Vendor  
  XanTec bioanalytics offers the following products and services: - SPR sensorchips - SPR instruments - Slides for Protein and DNA microarray production - Custom coating with biocompatible nanocoatings - Assay development
Click for full site information Xanthus Pharmaceuticals, Canada  
  Xanthus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops therapeutic compounds with strong historical success indicators through the experience and insight of its veteran management team.
Click for full site information Xantos-bio, GermanyCommercial R&D  
  Xantos evaluates and provides therapeutic targets and leads for LMW drugs and target for genes, proteins and antibodies for direct therapeutic use as well as diagnostic targets.
Click for full site information Xcalibur XRF Services, United StatesBusiness Service Company  
  Xcalibur XRF Services is dedicated to providing it's customer with most reliable and complete service for their XRF equipment.
Click for full site information Xceed Biotechnology Ltd, Australia  
  Xceed Capital Ltd (Xceed) is an investment company based in Perth, Australia and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: XCD). Historically, Xceed has worked closely with CSIRO to successfully spin-off two companies.
Click for full site information Xceleron, United KingdomADME/Tox/TrialsBusiness Service CompanyCRO/CMO  
  Xceleron is expert-acknowledged to deliver a range of smart approaches to Exploratory Clinical Studies in Microdosing, Mass Balance, Absolute Bioavailability and Metabolite Profiling.
Click for full site information Xcelience, United StatesBusiness Service CompanyCRO/CMO  
  Contract Research lab to develop formulations, analytical methods and manufacture clincial trial material.
Click for full site information XCellR8 Ltd, United KingdomManufacturerLaboratory EquipmentCRO/CMO  
  XCellR8’s goal is to maximise the productivity of cell culture-based research, by providing easy access to specialist technical support, training courses, and in vitro contract testing.
Click for full site information Xcellsyz Ltd, United KingdomCommercial R&D  
  Xcellsyz is focussed on discovery of new drugs for diabetes and obesity through the use of novel cell-based technologies.
Xcellsyz Ltd
Click for full site information XDx Inc, United StatesBusiness Service CompanyBioinformatics  
  XDx has applied microarray, real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and bioinformatics technologies to develop a new way to monitor the immune system. The company's first commercial service, AlloMap molecular expression testing is a noninvasive, multi-g
Click for full site information Xechem, Inc., United States  
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Click for full site information Xemplar Pharmaceuticals LLC, United States  
  Xemplar provides the most sophisticated aerosol formulation and development technologies and product development support services to meet precise needs.
Click for full site information Xencor, United StatesCommercial R&D  
  We create superior biotherapeutics through the use of pioneering protein engineering technology.
Click for full site information Xenerex Biosciences, United States  
  Xenerex Biosciences was created to develop and commercialize completely human antibody products.
Click for full site information Xenetec Ltd, United KingdomBusiness Service Company  
  Xentec Limited provide bespoke applications and consultancy services to a wide variety of customers from Health Services to Service and Construction Industries
Click for full site information Xeno Diagnostics, LLC, United StatesCommercial R&DBusiness Service CompanyCRO/CMO  
  We provide custom cell-based and immunotoxicology assays. We offer development services for Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions, Cytotoxicity Assays, Cell Proliferation Assays, Phagocytosis Assays, and more. We offer, GLP, CLIA, and non-GLP (RUO) formats.
Click for full site information Xenobiotic Laboratories Inc, United States  
  XenoBiotic Laboratories, Inc. is a leading contract laboratory specializing in preclinical ADME, PK/TK, in vitro/vivo drug metabolism, human radiolabel studies, bioanalytical method development/validation and clinical sample analysis.accredited
Click for full site information Xenogen Biosciences Corporation, United StatesBusiness Service CompanyCRO/CMO  
  Xenogen Biosciences, a contract research organization, specializes in genetic modification of mice and rats using gene addition, gene targeting,homologous recombination and microinjection techniques.
Xenogen Biosciences Corporation
Click for full site information Xenogenics Corporation (subsidiary of MultiCell Technologies, Inc.), United StatesCommercial R&D Stock Information
  Xenogenics Corporation, subsidiary of MultiCell Technologies, Inc., holds rights and patents to the development-stage SybiolR synthetic bio-liver. It is an excorporeal cellular therapy device, comparable to dialysis, designed to treat liver patients.
Xenogenics Corporation (subsidiary of MultiCell Technologies, Inc.)
Click for full site information Xenome Ltd, Australia  
  Xenome focuses on the discovery and development of peptide pharmaceuticals from the venom of Australian animals
Click for full site information Xenometrix AG, Switzerland  
  Xenometrix is a company specialized in the production, distribution and service of mutagenicity test systems, namely Ames II, Ames MPF 98/100, Ames MPF 1535, Ames MPF 1537, Ames MPF E.coli WP2 uvrA, Ames MPF E.coli WP2 pkM101
Click for full site information Xenomics Inc, United States  
  Xeno Medical has over 45 years experience in the field and has operated at the highest levels of international industry and academia. We have demonstrable results in business creation, adding value, technology transfer, market entry and due diligence.
Click for full site information Xenon Corporation, United StatesDistributor/Vendor  
  We empower individuals, organizations and businesses with our unique services. Diversification being our core strategy; we specialize in Xenon, Murray Feiss, Table Lamp and an array of other services.
Click for full site information Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc., Canada  
  Xenon is a privately owned, genomics-based drug discovery and development company engaged in identifying genes and other drug targets associated with human disease and developing pharmaceutical therapies based on these genetically-derived targets.
Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Click for full site information Xenopore Corp., United StatesCommercial R&D  
  XENOPORE Corp. manufactures surface modified and coated microwell plates, glass microscope slides and cover slips and latex particles and beads.
Click for full site information XenoPort, Inc., United States  
  XenoPort Inc. is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on developing products which harness the body's intrinsic transport systems to improve the oral absorption, distribution, and pharmacokinetics of drugs.
XenoPort, Inc.
Click for full site information Xenos Bioresources, Inc., United States  
  Founded in 1996, Xenos Bioresources, Inc. (XBI) was organized with the objective of providing the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, veterinary and nutraceutical industries with the best available products to meet their sourcing needs
Click for full site information XenoSense Ltd, United KingdomCommercial R&D  
  Xenosense Ltd develops and produces reagents and kits for the analysis of food products using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology.
Click for full site information Xenosep Technologies, United StatesManufacturer  
  Our primary focus is filtration, sample preparation and liquid chromatography for a wide range of environmental and pharmaceutical applications. In addition to a full line of optimized products, we work with clients to develop proprietary solutions for th
Xenosep Technologies
Click for full site information XenoTech LLC, United StatesCommercial R&D  
  Cytochrome P450 antibodies, bDNA, rat dog mouse monkey human microsomes and S9 for pharmaceutical and chemical research; xenobiotics from XenoTech.
Click for full site information Xenotransplantation, Canada  
  A consultation on xenotransplantation. Xenotransplantation is the use of live, non-human animal cells, tissues and organs in humans. Xenotransplants could potentially provide an alternative source of organs and tissues for patients in Canada.
Click for full site information Xention Discovery Ltd, United KingdomCommercial R&D  
  Xention is a drug discovery company that focuses on ion channels
Xention Discovery Ltd
Click for full site information Xeotron Corporation, United StatesManufacturerDistributor/Vendor  
  Xeotron produces customizable, high density, long oligo microarrays. Researchers can now have complete control of the content of high quality gene expression studies without the high upfront costs and delays - any gene, any species, no minimum order.
Xeotron Corporation
Click for full site information Xeptagen, Italy  
  XEPTAGEN SpA is engaged in the discovery and validation of novel molecular markers in order to produce innovative diagnostic kits for the early detection, monitoring, and screening of cancerous cells
Click for full site information Xeragon Inc. (Qiagen), United States  
  Xeragon AG, Experts in RNA synthesis. RNA-Oligos up to 100mers at different scales and a wide variety of modifications are availlable.
Xeragon Inc. (Qiagen)
Click for full site information Xerion Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Germany  
  Xerion focuses on proteins and has assembled and combined unique and effective technologies for drug target identification (Xcelerate), validation (XCALIbur) and functional site identification (X-plore). Website Update in progress Nov 06.
Click for full site information Xgene Corporation, United States  
  Xgene Corporation is a biological research company that provides innovative solutions to problems facing pharmaceutical, consumer product, chemical, and cosmetic companies
Click for full site information XIA LLC, United StatesCommercial R&D  
  XIA LLC (formerly X-ray Instrumentation Associates) produces advanced X-ray and gamma-ray detector electronics and related instruments with applications in research and industry.
Click for full site information Xiamen Doingcom Chemical Co Ltd, ChinaFine Chemicals  
  Xiamen Doingcom Chemical Company Limited (“Doingcom”)is the subsidiary of EcoGreen Fine Chemicals Group Limited (listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Market).
Click for full site information Xi'an Libang Pharmaceuticals, China  
  Xi`an Libang Group Investment Co.,Ltd mainly engagesin research, development, production and sales of generic and proprietary branded pharmaceuticals and activepharmaceutical ingredients.
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