A C Cossor & Son (Surgical) Ltd

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A C Cossor & Son (Surgical) Ltd
Accoson Works,
5/6 Parkway,
Harlow Business Park,
CM19 5QD
United Kingdom
020 8800 1172 Main
020 8809 5170 Fax
on Google Maps Google Maps
Incorporated 26-Mar-1958 (No:00601273)
Sectors of Activity Medical Devices
Sub Sectors Distributor/Vendor
Company Size (employees) Not Known
Turnover >26m USD
Screen Shot

Accoson sphygmomanometer aneroid and mercury blood pressure measuring instruments accoson greenlight 300 electronic sphygmomanometer and latex free cuffs for accoson greenlight 300 electronic model and pressure infusion cuff

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