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Picodrop Pico200 micro-volume Spectrophotometer - Celebrates 15yrs of Excellence

 Picodrop Pico200 micro-volume Spectrophotometer - Celebrates 15yrs of Excellence Picodrop Pico200 micro-volume Spectrophotometer - The award winning technology

The Pico200 Quantica is the latest addition to the Picodrop range of microliter spectrophotometers.

Picodrop provides the ultimate solution to microliter spectrophotometry...use samples down to 2uL and even recover your sample after use.

Picodrop uses a unique patented design which for the first time allows UV/Vis measurements to be taken directly through the pipette tip!

- Sample Volumes down to 2uL
- No dilutions necessary
- Kinetic measurements in both tip or cuvette
- 3 Second detection time
- No regular recalibration required
- No reconditioning or expensive recalibration of platform necessary
- Zero Cross-Contamination
- 100% Sample recovery
- No cleaning required
- No transfer to sample platform or pedestal
- Range of cuvette accessories including compatibility with Hellma Tray Cell and micro-cuvettes

Maintain the highest level of user and sample protection by using Picodrop's disposable UVpette tips. Our advanced polymer technology ensures precise UV absorbtion measurements down to 230nm

Using our patented in-tip detection method where the 2ul sample remains in the pipette tip you can detect DNA, RNA or protein concentration right through the tip allowing 100% recovery and no cleaning.

The Pico200 offers improved results and ease of use over our original P100 models, and includes a built-in 12cm LCD graphical screen, built-in printer, SD card slots and even Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

The P200 offers a diverse feature set for all popular protocols including Nucleic acid, Protein and Cell culture concentration determination and kinetics. An optional cuvette holder accessory makes the P200 the most flexible micro volume spectrophotometer in the market.

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