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Random Sample Buccal Swab Sorting at AAFS 2007

Random Sample Buccal Swab Sorting at AAFS 2007 The WellAware GPS Pipetting System is ideal for any Cherry Picking protocol. Sample sorting from random barcoded vials or containers into specific wells in microplates eliminates errors and saves time. These are documented in an electronic SOP which guides and tracks samples throughout an extraction and pipetting protocol.The system and application for buccal swab sorting will be shown at AAFS 2007.

"We purchased two of BioTX’s WellAware units to simplify and improve a highly repetitive and labor intensive cherry-picking process in our lab. With its LIMS data importer, barcode scanning and voice feedback, what once took two people two hours now takes one person about twenty minutes."

The light and voice automated system cuts time and errors and reduces hand or arm fatigue when sorting samples and pipetting. WellAware supports all microplate and gel well pipetting guide applications; ask us to help you.

Click **HERE** to view the WellAware video. See for more information and a free trial offer.

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