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Personal Automation That is Helping Labs Eliminate Fillaphobia

Personal Automation That is Helping Labs Eliminate Fillaphobia WellAware is a personal automation system, which uses Light and Voice Cues to guide a laboratory technician through each step of a lab protocol. WellAware eliminates pipetting errors, speeds pipetting, and fully documents your protocols. In short, WellAware is the cure for Fillaphobia. (Fillaphobia is the fear of putting the wrong sample into the wrong vial or well of a microplate.)

BioTX is introducing TipAware a USB trash can that allows hands-free control of the WellAware software during pipetting. The infrared sensor detects the operators hand during the tip eject, automatically opens the lid, and displays the next pipetting step. To see WellAware and TipAware in action go to this web address:

WellAware is ideal for error free Cherry or Hit picking into microplates, Sample Sorting, Blood Card Punching, ELISA pipetting, pipetting and documentation of PCR & Sequencing protocols, Normalization of DNA and proteins, Real Time PCR, and filling microarray printing plates.

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