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New updated version of ChimerMarker® software includes Superior Baseline Subtraction Option and other enhancements

January 17, 2019 State College, PA 16803 – SoftGenetics has released a newly updated version for its ChimerMarker automated Chimerism Analysis and Monitoring software. One of the features of the update is a new Baseline Subtraction Method that provides improved peak height determination for difficult samples.

Features of the update include:
• Superior Baseline Subtraction – Additional baseline subtraction method provides stronger baseline correction, benefitting samples in regions of the electropherogram with noisier baseline.

• CHM Print Reports – Electropherogram size is increased for optimized viewing when a dye is selected to print.

• Panel Calibration Improvement – Algorithm changes made to optimize panel alignment and analysis of closely spaced peaks. These changes are helpful for data with atypical migration patterns.

• Maternal Cell Contamination (MCC) Application – An alert notifies the user when maternal and fetal genotypes are the same.

ChimerMarker was developed in collaboration with Dr. Donald Kristt, and validated by laboratories around the world, including labs in the U.S., Europe, South America, Asia, and Asia-Pacific. The software combines accurate size and allele calls (genotyping) with automated chimerism calculations and longitudinal monitoring in addition to combining speed and accuracy with a ‘biologist-friendly’ interface. ChimerMarker typically reduces analysis time by up to 80% by replacing the outdated cut-and-paste method, which is laborious and prone to mistakes.

ChimerMarker is a Windows® based program (OS 7-10) and is compatible with the outputs from all major capillary electrophoresis platforms, including the Applied Biosystems Prism™ , Promega® Spectrum Compact, and Beckman-Coulter™ CEQ platforms, as well as commercially available STR chemistries from Thermo Fisher® (ABI®), Promega® and Qiagen®.

SoftGenetics offers 30-day trials and no cost web-based training on its genetic analysis software packages Interested parties may request the software on the company website: or via email:

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