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Versatile Tube Scanner Improves Handling & Processing of Chemical Compounds

Versatile Tube Scanner Improves Handling & Processing of Chemical Compounds Micronic Europe BV has announced that Specs (Delft, The Netherlands) has deployed the Tracker TRxD Single Tube Scanner in its laboratories to improve handling and processing of chemical compounds.

Specs is a leading provider of chemistry and chemistry services for drug discovery. In addition to screening compounds and building blocks - Specs offers cheminformatics and custom synthesis services. Other services include compound reformatting and compound management services.

For the numerous samples handled in their laboratories each day, Specs has traditionally employed software controlled balances to ensure that each step in the weighing process is thoroughly checked and audited.  To upgrade this weighing process to handle a broader range of bar-coded vials - SPECS sought a tube and vial scanner that could not only handle the commonly used 1D formatted barcodes but also 2D bar-coded tubes.

Gijsbert van der Gaag, Director of Sales & Marketing commented 'We are delighted that Specs has chosen Micronic as its preferred supplier for systems to scan bar-coded samples'.  As well as offering direct compatibility with existing industry standard (ECC200) Data Matrix coded storage systems, the Micronic Tracker TRxD provides users with the flexibility of building upon investment already made whilst accessing a wealth of useful product benefits.  He added 'our unique scanner system is the only tube reader on the market that can read both 2D Data Matrix codes and 1D linear bar codes'.  

Built to deliver long-term reliability and industry leading precision the compact Micronic TRxD reader is able to read a single code in less than 0.5 seconds significantly enhancing sample storage productivity. Affordably priced the TRxD scanner comes complete with easy-to-use Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant software facilitating intuitive and precise tube code reading and seamless integration into any laboratory sample database. The versatile Micronic TRxD reader may be simply installed through a USB connection onto any Windows platform where data can be exported to almost any software application.  Wireless connectivity is available as an option. An Ethernet socket is provided for simple integration into networks.

The Specs Laboratory Services Manager commented 'The Micronic TRxD scanner has added another dimension to the possibilities of handling orders and our ability to rapidly and precisely meet customer preferences'.

Dedicated to the design and production of innovative sample storage tubes, accessories and instruments over the last 25 years, Micronic is uniquely able to offer laboratories the expert advice to help them safeguard one of its most valuable assets - its samples. 

For further information on next generation tube and vial scanning solutions please contact Micronic Europe BV or Micronic North America, LLC now on telephone +31-320-277070 / +1-724 941-6411 or email /  


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