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From: Chris Day [Sheffield University]

This site is wonderful. I've just been "playing" and had no problems finding companies or products.
Thanks Chris

From: Jan Goudswaard Sent: 13 February

It is really excellent. I like the nice possiblities to search for products and firms.I don't have any negative remarks , just compliments.
Jan Goudswaard

From: Dr E L Emmell

This is pretty cool! I think it will be useful for some of our "hard to find" items and items that are newer to our laboratory. I am going to forward the link to our purchasing person. Thanks!

From: Mr A Churchman

The website is very colourful and inviting on first impressions. The page on the whole, when you know what each piece is and how it works, is very good and very useful for journal searches, equipment searches etc.
I hope this is useful Adrian Churchman

From: Jennifer Mackley [Stirling University]

I've visited your site several times now - mainly for quick product searches - and I find the format very helpful. I particularly like the icons on the right hand side of the search screen; it makes searching for literaature and products much quicker. I'll try to send more constructive comments as I get more familiar with the site. Sincerely, Jennifer Mackley

From: Nashik [VG Automation]

Your site is terific. I ahd recomended it to our developer community at North Maharashtra ,India Many o fthem are satisfied with the result. Sir, i am providing link to u r site to promote from at least 40 on line real time educational sites that are currently registered with us regards swapnil MD VGC computer services.

From: Peter Monk [Sheffield University]

Very impressive and easy to use. It immediately threw up new contacts.
Cheers, Pete Monk

From: Isabelle [Hermes Medical]

Thank you for sending me the information on your web site. Unfortunately I only had a few minutes to dedicate to it, but my first impressions are that it will certainly prove very useful to companies like ours, who supply medical and scientific equipment. The search is easy and straight forward. I recognized a lot of the suppliers and it is good to be able to access the database with the search engine. I will talk about it to my colleagues and suggest that we put your web site in our Favourites.

From: David Hislop [Buckingham University]

I have good first impressions of this site. I would like to see some indication of a sites nationality so I can specifically look at UK suppliers of items.

From: Vivien Fry

Thank you for refering me to your website. I think the website is very quick in response and brought up a response to my inquiry well.
Regards Vivien A. Fry MSc., GIBiol., MIScT

From: Gipi Schiavo [ICRF,UK]

The site is interesting and is bookmarked now. however I cannot express any judgement in terms of Industrial requirements due to the fact I am working in a charity. Thanks for contacting me Best wishes and success for the site.

From: Emmanuel Nwaorgu [ Mani Ventures]

I will like to give you any information that will assist you in presenting the free-access library. This I believe will benefit a lot of people and I assure you I will give whatever information you desire of me. Kindly keep me informed of all developments.
Kindest Regards Emmanuel Nwaorgu

From: Osama Fekry

Thank you for your e-mail, I think this site is very helpful for scientific search.
Thank you again Osama Fekry

From: Dr. Giovanna Della Porta [ University of Salerno]

I have been in your web site https://www.Labhoo.com and it seems very interesting for scientists.
Dr. Giovanna Della Porta University of Salerno Dept. of Chemical and Food Engineering Via Ponte Don Melillo 84084 Fisciano SA

From: Nicole MacMillan [Jones Chromatography]

Good afternoon, I think you have a great website and what a wonderful service you provide. We appreciate being included. Thank you for your assistance and please let me know if you have any questions.
Best regards, Nicole MacMillan Jones Chromatography, Inc. (800) 874-6244 Email: nmacmillan@joneschrom.com Visit us on the web: www.joneschrom.com

From: Florian Menninger [Imgen]

Thank you for posting our emerging company's web site on your site.
Regards, Florian Menninger Vice President IMGEN Technologies Cell: 914.414.0434 Fax: 845-639-7134 Email: imgenfm@aol.com WWW. IMGEN.COM

From: J.Barlow [wehi.edu.au]

Many thanks for this. Labhoo seems to be a really useful site.

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