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We have an exciting schedule of topics in store for this meeting including: Diversity in Science, Evolutionary Genomics, Structural Biology of Parasites, Mathematical Modelling, Parasite Gene Expression and Genetic Architecture, Parasite Immunopathology, Parasite Trafficking and Signaling, Host-Pathogen Interactions: Tissue Tropism, Vector:Parasite Biology, Vaccines, Drug Discovery, Wild Parasitology, Parasite Ecology: Coinfections, Parasite Cell Biology, and Parasite Molecular Genetics

Confirmed Invited Speakers include:
Prof. Isabel Roditi, Prof. David Horn, Prof. Simon Draper, Prof. Paul Kaye, Prof. Angela K. Cruz, Dr. Lilach Sheiner, Dr. Amy Pedersen, Dr. Amy Buck, Prof. Andrea Graham, Prof. Dario Zamboni, Dr. Susan Wyllie, Dr. Daniella Bartholomeu, Dr. Vivak Parkash, Dr. Mariana De Niz, Prof. Ariel Silber, Dr. Angela Minnassian and Prof. Maria-Gloria Basanez

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Event Brochure

Venue: University of York, Biology Building Reception
Location: York
Country: United Kingdom

Organiser Contact Details:
Dr Pegine Walrad

T: 01904-328918

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University of York, Biology Building Reception
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