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If you attended WORD+2024 in person and would still like to watch a talk for free until June 1st 2024 please email us at contact@organoidspheroid.com

There is a small fee for those that couldn't. The talks from some of the world's most leading researchers include:

The THIRTY LIVE recorded talks available from WORD+ 2024! are:

Keynote: Organoid cultures in toxicology & the use of artificial intelligence.
Professor Thomas Hartung, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Keyone Speaker: Organoid models of multiple sclerosis & neurodegeneration in low Earth orbit. Dr Valentina Fossati , New York Stem Cell Foundation

WINNER of the best talk!
Cerebral and choroid plexus organoids, with focus on brain development
Dr Laura Pellegrini, The Medical Research Council Centre for Neuro­developmental Disorders, KCL, London.

Single cell-guided prenatal derivation of primary fetal epithelial organoids from the human amniotic and tracheal fluids.
Dr Mattia Gerli, University College London.

Kidney organoid research at AstraZeneca.
Dr Kevin Woollard, Astrazeneca.

Human organoid models for virus and Paediatric Infectious Disease.
Professor Dasja Pajkrt , OrganoVIR Labs, Amsterdam UMC

Development of a Human iPSC derived complex gut model for drug discovery. Dr Katerina (Aikaterini) Geladaki, GSK

Developing in vitro models using organoids that simulate the human system to understand musculoskeletal tissue healing. Dr Johanna Bolander, BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies at Charite Univeristatsmedizin and IMEC.

Largescale organoid panel drug screening to short-track clinically-relevant output. Dr Marrit Putker, Crown Bioscience.

Human bone marrow organoids for disease modelling, discovery and validation of therapeutic targets in hematologic malignancies.
Dr Abdullah Khan, University of Oxford.

Intact Spheroid and Organoid Analysis.
Dr John O'Rourke, Bennubio.

Organoid models from human endometrium and endometrial diseases.
Professor Hugo Vankelecom, KU Leuven.

Transforming drug discovery with predictive human organ models.
Dr Audrey Dubourg, CN Bio.

3D In Vitro Models and Solutions for Drug Safety & Efficacy.
Dr Christine Schwenk, InSphero.

Optics11 Life
Dr Kaveh Memar, Optics11 Life.

Scaling new heights: leveraging spinning disk and super-resolution microscopy for comprehensive 3D spheroid and organoid analysis.
Dr Luca Clario, CrestOptics.

How adipoids can help us in immune metabolism research.
Dr Elvira Weber, CURE3D.

Darren Heywood, Promega.

Creating 3D cell models with the RASTRUM™ Platform.
Dr Daniel Vaughan, Inventia Life Science.

Automated sorting and isolation of single spheroids and organoids.
Dr Cécile Thion, Cellenion.

UPM Biomedicals
Dr Jonathan Sheard, UPM Biomedicals.

Dr Peter Willems-Alnøe, CelVivo.

The Organoid Facility at the NIHR Imperial Biomedical Research Centre
Dr Diana Papp, NIHR Imperial Biomedical Research Centre.

Organoids, organ-on-a-chip and mass spectrometry.
Professor Steven Ray Haakon Wilson, University of Oslo, Norway.

Human Intestinal Organoids as a Model for Toxicity Testing during Drug Discovery. Dr Salvatore Simmini, STEMCELL Technologies.

Leica Microsystems
Dr Annalisa Rizza, Leica Microsystems.

Dr Dammy Olayanju, Qkine.

NC3Rs and CRACK IT Challenges programme.
Dr Deborah Milligan, NC3Rs.

Functional neural disease modeling: Standardizing organoid production and analysis. Dr Mike Clements, Axion Biosystems.

All talks will cease to be available after June 1st 2024.

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